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  • Standard weight two-piece valve block with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides, nickel top, and bottom caps
  • One-piece, side seam, Mt. Vernon weight #37 bell with a steel wire, round bell bead in yellow brass
  • Wide wrap with new nickel Z braces
  • #25 leadpipe – the “perfect match” for the #37 bell according to Vincent Bach and now featuring improved receiver design and construction techniques for improved efficiency, response, and intonation
  • .459″ medium-large bore
  • New finger nickel hook design inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon and Elkhart eras
  • 1st slide brace
  • 3rd slide stop rod
  • Laser engraved bell
  • Clear lacquer finish**

*  Also available with a #43 bell as 19043 or a #43 silver bell as 190S43.
** Available in silver as 190S37.

Additional Info

Vincent Bach

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